Maclashen‘s Bio


Wuts Mobn, my names MacLashen, I’m a Christian gospel rapper from Fresno California, and a member of H.O.G M.O.B ministries.. I grew up in the system, juvenile hall, youth authority, CDC “prison” from age 11 till my late 20s for gangbangin, shootin at people an selling dope, I never really cared about much. I was a very Active member of the bulldog gang, was raised in the FLATS that’s the Hood I’m from.
I was homeless living in abandoned buildings, sleeping in cars, and was on my way to murder someone when I met Christ.
Someone had introduced me to HogMobs muzic, some time back, an tho I didnt really pay attention at the time, I always loved rap, so when I finely did listen, I really enjoyed the skill in the songs so I would slump it, an without realizing I began to be ministerd to thrue the muzic an found myself interested in who this Jesus was. Everyone who knows me will tell u, my life was rough. I wasn’t someone easily moved or convinced. They called me a ticking time bomb, “fades are free” was my motto an I took that serious. So I wasn’t the type to give anyone an ear about being saved. I was lost. But GOD loves me so much, he met me where I was at. I stole a bible frum this motel I was staying in, an high, drunk, and thinking as a joke “let’s see what all the fuss is about” I started to read the gospel of Luke. And I believed what I read. And frum that moment, Christ started to change my heart, I began to see things different, I can’t explain it. An the night b4 I was gonna murder the dude I had beef wit, I had this nightmare that I was in prison layin on my bunk, an I was doing life, because someone I knew had snitched on me. An it seemed so real.. I remember feelin so stressed out, thinking I was never a good dad to my kids, an now I’m doing life, I’ll never get a chance to make it right, an I started to cry to GOD, an tell him that if he’d just forgive me an give me one more chance, I’d do it right. An I woke up in this abandoned trailer. An I was touched by the holy spirit. An even tho I was homeless, an dirty, an hungry, I was so happy to be free, an that it was just a dream, that I fell on my knees, in the dirt, middle of the night, and thanked him. I remember thinking, I put in hella work for homies I thought loved me, risked my life, an my freedom for them, an here I am homeless, an I can’t even take a shower in there house. But GOD who I disrespected, and denied, loved me so much, that he saved me, stopped me from throwing my life away.. Long story short, Not long after I called a hood meeting, let it be known I was gonna pursue a relationship with Christ, an in that same backyard where I use to catch fades an call hood meetings, I was baptized.., in the hood, in front of all my homies.. An I started to actively pursue Christ. I got in contact with Sevin from HOG MOB, became a member of the ministry, got married, became a member of my Church here in Fresno, and now teach Sunday school, as well as minister to youth at juvenile hall, and am a part of a youth gang intervention program.. I lead my family in ministry, an my wife and daughter are both now saved.. GOD has opened this door for me to do ministry threw my Muzic, an I pray it will reach someone the way it did me, and bless them, and lead them to a saving knowledge of JESUS CHRIST, I’m proof that GOD saves.. Submit to him and receive Christ… MOB’N