Zaydok‘s Bio
As a minister of the gospel and kingdom artist Zaydok has dedicated himself to the teaching and exaltation of Jesus Christ and the gospel. A veteran of 20 years, he has experienced recognition in his native city of Buffalo NY and the upstate NY region as a talented rapper. In 2007 he made a decision to leave his street infused, self glorying rap persona behind and dedicate his talent to giving that glory to God. He formed a 5 man crew called Sons of the King. In ’09 after that group dispersed he started to form relationships with other local Christian artists. In 2014 he and some of those artists came together to form Rebel Against the World which is a support collaborative for the building up of upstate NY Christian rap artists. Joining HogMob in June of 2016 he hopes to help edify and enhance the ministry with his gift to evangelize God’s word and represent the true love that the disciples of Christ are commanded to exhibit in the world as ┬árepresentatives of him.