Mission Statement
To reach the Bully community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and use the bullies to display the love of God in a way the culture can understand it. It is our goal and mission with these dogs, to show people a perspective of what Christ looks like to us…that when the world judges you and throws you away Christ sees a King or Queen inside each and every person.
Justin Clark’s Bio
Bully Blessed’s Chief Breeder: From a young age I fell in love with sin through many different ways. I found myself to be in deep loneliness, depression, and was completely numb. I didn’t have any desire to live most days. My parents got divorced and I felt like I wasn’t wanted anywhere, they both found someone and I was only a painful memory of the past and I was just in the way. Just like most statistics it led me to a life of total darkness. Growing up I always used dogs for close companionship especially bully breeds. I was in love with the breed the first time I saw one. So after getting out of prison for the third time I told myself that if I ever got a home of my own I would have dogs and give them the blessed life.

I think Bullies have been special to me because they remind me a lot of myself and my own life, always being judged on the outside instead of someone having the heart and courage to reach out and find the good in a young man that was lost. These dogs have been in many cases treated the same way. When in fact these dogs have been viewed as violent and only good for fighting in backyard rings which is far from the truth. These dogs are able to show in top-notch quality shows with professional judges and showman handlers, these dogs are very athletic, can keep up and be a healthy active dog they have been proven to be great service dogs, the best family companions that one could ever want with the most loving, loyal and obedient personality.

God has truly been faithful to me. He has blessed me with owning a home and 5 acres where my bullies have indoor and outdoor kennels, to own a barbecue business and catering company, and to be a part of one of the greatest ministries in the world. With Christ all things are possible to those who believe and put their trust in Him!